Caring For
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Caring for your little ones hair

Whether you have a baby with a head as soft as silk or a teenager whose hair hasn’t seen a bottle of shampoo or brush for months, we understand there will be times when some common hair care challenges rear their ugly heads (excuse the pun) from birth, right up until puberty hits. But fear not, we can guide you through the pitfalls with our straightforward advice.

Birth to 3 years old

From the day your little cherub is born, right up until the arrival of the toddler years, hair doesn’t really do an awful lot. Some babies are born with a thick curly mane, others merely have a wisp that will stay that way until they are two or three.

And whilst it can sometimes be tricky to keep them looking clean and tidy as they bomb around getting grubby, the good news is that at this age, winning the hair care battle is much easier than in later life.

Thankfully, with a little help from Vosene Kids, achieving squeaky-clean, healthy-looking hair is as simple as one, two, three. Our range of shampoos and skin & hair care products are perfect for little heads, pH balanced, paediatrician approved and gentle on the eyes. Meaning you can look forward to a calming bath time, free of tears and tantrums.

How do I care for hair in the first few years?

For babies with little or no hair, simply rinse the scalp at bathtime. For little ones with a more substantial mane, wash every two to three days with a gentle cleansing shampoo, such as Vosene Kids Gentle to Skin Sensitive Hair and Body Wash. With its soothing chamomile and calming lavender ingredients – as well as being paraben-free – this is the perfect choice for you.

Always check the scalp for answers to your baby’s hair health – if you spot signs of dryness or cradle cap, be sure to treat it accordingly. If your toddler is adverse to having their hair washed and is likely to go into meltdown at the mere sight of running water, let them bring a toy into the bath and play with it while while you get to work on their hair – distraction techniques are key here and will help with any stressful bathtime battles. Introduce a regular hair care routine at an early age and this should set them up for life. Here’s hoping!

Hair checklist Birth to 3 years old:

  • Don’t wash hair too often – every two to three days is fine
  • Always use a gentle, tear-free shampoo on young hair
  • Check the scalp regularly for signs of cradle cap
  • Establish a regular routine: get little ones used to having their hair washed

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