Caring For
Your Child's
Hair & Skin

Catching Head Lice

As a parent, one of the many jobs on your endless ‘to do’ list is to discover the best ways to protect and care for your little ones. You hear so much conflicting advice about what to do and what not to do it can sometimes feel like you’re trying to decode a complex maths equation. But when it comes to children’s skincare, your mission is simple – to keep their skin as soft, supple and hydrated as it was the day they were born.

Can head lice jump or fly?

Lice might be able to crawl an impressive 23cm in a minute but luckily they can’t jump or fly –music to every parent’s ears. They can only travel from head to head through direct contact with people. If you think you’ve seen one jump,it could be the result of static electricity coming off your hair.

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