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I’m not completely satisfied with my product. What can I do?

You can either email our Customer Support Team on or write directly to:

Customer Support, LF Beauty UK Ltd, Aintree Avenue, White Horse Business Park, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 0XB. We will investigate each matter thoroughly and endeavour to respond to your email or letter within two weeks of receiving it.

My child had an adverse reaction to one of your products. What should I do?

You should always contact your GP or seek medical advice. Please then contact our Customer Support Team on We can organise for the product to be sent back to us so we can assess it.

I would like to try your products. Do you offer free samples or coupon?

We run competitions where you can have the chance to win free samples on a regular basis on our Facebook page and also have limited coupon offers at key period during the year on our website. Simply like our Facebook page or sign up to our newsletter so you can hear about these offers first.

What is Vosene Kids’s Policy on Animal Testing?

Vosene Kids does not undertake animal testing or commissions others to do such testing on our behalf. This has always been our policy. The safety of our products is assured by rigorous procedures using data from suppliers and the most up-to-date information from the scientific literature available in the public domain. We support programmes to develop alternative methods to reduce, refine and replace animal testing.

Do the Vosene Kids products contain animal derived ingredients?

No, they do not.

Why are some of your products are “not suitable for under 3 years old”?

Some of our products contain certain ingredients that might be deemed not gentle enough for younger children. Therefore, as part of our commitment to be as trusted as possible, we label them as “not suitable for children under 3 years old”.

Why is your head lice spray only for Pretty Princesses?

We have two detangling spray designs available, of which the princess design is one. Our Conditioning Defence Spray also has excellent detangling properties for all hair lengths as well as helping to prevent head lice. Check it out here.

Are all the Vosene Kids products paraben & MIT free?

We regularly review all our formulations to ensure we are offering the best products to you. Therefore, all our Vosene Kids products produced from March 2015 are MIT free. You may find a few previous formulations of the Conditioning Defence Spray still available in the shops but we are working closely with our retailers to introduce our revised formulation as soon as possible.

Our only product containing paraben is our Lice Repellent Vosene Kids 3 in 1 Shampoo which we are currently re-evaluating to ensure it is also paraben free.

Why do you recommend that I buy both the Vosene Kids Conditioning Spray and the Vosene Kids 3 in 1 Shampoo to help prevent head lice ? Surely your 3 in 1 shampoo is enough?

Both products contain ingredients that are natural head lice repellents. However, as part of our commitment to provide the best possible head lice prevention, we advise to use both as the conditioning spray is more effective as it is a leave on product. This means it will boost the performance of the 3 in 1 shampoo.

Why is your Vosene Kids 3 in 1 shampoo called a 3 in 1 shampoo?

Our Vosene Kids shampoo is called a 3 in 1 shampoo as it contains multiples key ingredients to provide 3 main benefits:

  1. cleans hair
  2. conditions hair
  3. contains ingredients that are natural head lice repellents
My child suffers from asthma/epilepsy, can I still use your head lice repellent products on him/her?

Our head lice repellent products contain natural ingredients tea tree oil and citronella oil to help prevent head lice. Unfortunately, those essential oils that help keep little crawlers at bay are also known to potentially trigger reactions for people with epilepsy and acute asthma. Therefore, we would recommend that those products should be used in well ventilated areas and advise that it is could cause a reaction with people with acute asthma.

I have used your spray in the past and loved it, but I don't like the new smell. What has happened?

As part of our commitment to provide the best products available, our spray was reformulated to be even more effective at helping to prevent head lice whilst still providing excellent detangling and shine properties. However, we are aware that the smell is not the same as the original product and may take a little time to get used to.

I used your spray on my daughter but it smells like fly spray. Why is that?

Our spray was reformulated to be even more effective at helping to prevent head lice whilst still providing excellent detangling and shine properties. A key natural ingredient used to help prevent head lice is citronella oil. This is actually the main ingredient you now smell. Click here to view our fragrance page

I love your products but I have a bit of a hard time trying to find stockists that sell it. What can I do?

You can buy our products online and in high street retailers. Please check out our “where to buy” page to find our current stockists. Alternatively, please contact us directly with your query to our Consumer Relations Team on .

How can I receive the Vosene Kids newsletter?

You can sign up to our newsletter by simply filling your details in the “sign me up “ section located at the bottom of this page.

I’m a blogger/vlogger/ and would like to be added to the Vosene Kids press list and/or trial Vosene Kids products. How can I get in touch?

Please send your query direct to our Consumer Relations Department: – we take time to read through all queries but regrettably we can only respond to opportunities of interest due to the high volume of requests we receive. Thank you for your interest in our brand.

I have a press enquiry, who do I contact?

Please email us at and we will ensure your query is passed onto our press team so that someone can get back to you directly.

I’m a member of my school PTA/ a proactive parent and would like to arrange for my school to get some samples/leaflets. How can I get in touch?

We are always keen to help schools where possible. Please send your query direct to our Consumer Relations Department via or visit our school zone page.

I’m running a fundraising event for charity and would like a prize donation from Vosene Kids. Who can I get in touch with?

Please send your charity request to – we endeavour to respond to all queries within two weeks.