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Tricks and tips for your little one’s hair

We’ve partnered with film hair stylist Charlotte Hayward, part of the behind the scenes team on movies including Harry Potter, Captain Phillips and X-Men to help give parents #onelessthing to think about when it comes to little ones’ hair hacks and potential mishaps.

With over 11 years’ experience in the hairstyling industry, Charlotte has a wealth of expertise in working with children’s locks of all ages and has seen her fair share of hair mishaps and tangle nightmares over the years!

What’s more, working in the fast-paced film industry, she knows what it’s like dealing with tight time pressures and challenging environments to create easy to manage hair styles that look great as well as keeping hair healthy-looking.

Using her know-how, Charlotte has shared some of her best kept-secrets in four short videos to show a range of tricks she has up her sleeve.

Care for your little ones’ hair while swimming with our top tips

Check out our top tips:

  • If your little one has to wear a swim cap, sprinkle a little talcum powder into the cap before you place on their head to reduce the cap pulling on their hair.
  • Once they’re out of the pool, use an after swim hair & body product and try to wash twice – the first time will help to remove any impurities and the second time will help to remove the strong smell of chlorine.
Mighty Melon

Had a hair disaster?
Here’s some quick and easy ways to get you out of wonky fringes and stuck bubble gum!

Check out our top tips:

  • Use a triangular shaped piece of paper
  • Comb the dry hair forward and fold it against the fringe, using it as a guide (wet hair will bounce up shorter once dry so always cut on dry hair).
  • Use a pair of scissors to cut up into the paper, to soften and even out the line a little.

Check out our quick & easy hair style for that busy school run morning

Check out our top tips:

  • Try to brush through any tangles before bed
  • Use a 2 in 1 shampoo to help keep hair washingtime to a minimum whilst easing any tangles!
  • A spin bun is a fun, yet easy style for a weekday. Simply hold your child’s hair in a ponytail and ask them to twirl around to create a twist in the hair. Keep spinning until it creates a bun then secure with an additional bobby pin for simply, neat.
Teatree & Citronella

Here’s our guide for a great-looking, easy to follow style that’s even perfect for dads to do!

Check out our top tips:

  • For a simple yet elegant hair style, try gathering two pieces of hair at the front, twisting them individually to the back of your child’s head.
  • Secure the twists with a couple of bobby pins (if you put them wobbly side down, they’ll grip better).
  • Finally, spray a clean toothbrush with a small amount of hair spray to deal with any tricky fly-aways.
  • Remember: cute accessories can cover all manner of sins so don’t be afraid to keep things simple and let a couple of nice clips or matching ribbons do the talking.