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Protecting Hair & skin in the Pool

We’re always looking for new ways to protect our children - and that goes for in the swimming pool too. Whether you want to find out what chlorine does to children’s skin or how to treat your child’s hair post-swim, we have all the facts to help keep your little water babies protected and leave you safe in the knowledge that you’re doing the best you can.

Some Facts about chlorine

Chlorine is a very safe, widely used disinfectant that is used in swimming pools to help kill harmful bacteria that can thrive in warm water. If your child is a frequent swimmer you’ll know that chlorine gets everywhere and the smell can linger on towels and swimming costumes for days after leaving the pool.

When chlorine makes regular contact with the hair it can suck out the sebum (a natural lubricant), resulting in a dry, frizzy mane. Over time, this can lead to the weakening of the hair shaft, meaning it becomes more prone to breaking. Our Vosene Kids Gentle to Skin After Swim Hair & Body Wash is perfect to use after a trip to the pool as it removes chlorine and other impurities whilst gently cleansing the scalp and skin. Try to establish an easy-to-follow hair care routine at the swimming pool early on – your precious protégés will thank you for it in the end.

Just like the hair, chlorine can dry out the skin too and – in extreme cases – result in rashes and itchiness. This is especially true if your child already suffers from skin conditions, such as eczema. Check for signs of sensitivity on a regular basis and use Vosene Kids Gentle to Skin Hair & Body Wash with chamomile and calming lavender to look after their skin. Also make sure they drink lots of water before and after taking the plunge, have a shower pre-swim to help saturate the skin with non-chlorinated water and moisturise afterwards to keep thirsty pores hydrated.

How Can I Protect My Child’s Hair from Chlorine?

Thankfully for busy parents, there are a number of quick and easy steps you can take to help protect the hair. Read on to discover our savvy suggestions below:

  • Always wet hair before getting into the pool – this saturates it and means it will be harder to absorb the chlorinated water
  • Wear a swimming cap – in some pools this is compulsory for hygiene reasons
  • Slather hair with conditioner before you get in the pool – this will condition the hair and protect it from the water
  • Try coconut oil – some people swear by this natural form of protection, why not give it a go?
  • Rinse, rinse, rinse – always wash your hair after swimming with a gentle shampoo, ideally while you’re still at the pool
  • Invest in a trusted after-swim product – try our Vosene Kids Gentle to Skin After Swim Hair & Body Wash

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